About Us

CIM Technologies is India’s most trusted manufacturer of machinery for packaged drinking water industry. CIM Tech’s Aqua~Line TM Series is the most dependable, fully Integrated Automatic Bulk Water Jar wash, rinse, sanitize, fill and cap machines available in India today.

With over 110 installations of 5 Gallon Jar Wash, Rinse, Fill & Cap machines across India and overseas our machines are well established for their robust design and superior technology that ensures many years of trouble free service. These systems are designed to accommodate 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 litre bulk water jars with a production capacity range of 100 to 1200 filled jars per hour.

CIM machines can be customized to meet special requirements such as site layout, wash / rinse / sanitize cycles, variety of jar sizes and caps stamped or screwed. Their unique features include a heavy-duty stainless steel construction, safety-first design, Automatic control, built with hygiene grade materials, the best manufacturing processes and components sourced from highly reputed Indian manufacturers. The machines are fully serviceable with spares parts and unmatched service support.